Welcome to 65 Not Out

Reinventing retirement

65 Not Out was started over a cup of coffee and a chat between father and son, Barry and James Rosenberg. Barry, a career Chartered Accountant now specialising in family business and farm succession planning, and James, a former representative rugby player and now Lifestyle Village Manager, had a light bulb moment when they realised that through their joint experiences, they could help people with their retirement planning on a much larger scale than their one-to-one interactions.

Of the belief that life is for living - regardless of age - Barry and James set about channelling their knowledge, experience and expertise into a 9 Step Booklet and Companion Workbook that will inspire you to enjoy your future years in retirement.

How 65 Not Out supports you

Whether you are working and beginning to put the wheels of retirement planning in motion, or have been retired for some time, there is something for you in the 65 Not Out 9 Step Book. Draw upon not only Barry and James’ collective knowledge, but also the knowledge of those who specialise in retirement as you start to reinvent your retirement.

“If you are like us – you’ll believe that possibility, courage and enthusiasm are not just words for ‘the youth’ but are the foundations of a way of life irrespective of age.

We have a vision, to assist you with one of life’s big changes - the transition from an active largely routine working life, to the choices that lie ahead after work in your retirement.

We are looking forward to sharing what will be an exciting journey of discovery with you.”


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