Reinvent your Retirement in 9 Easy Steps

65 Not Out 9 Step Book

Our 9 Step Book is packed full of all the information you need to plan your retirement. Not only covering the practical steps you need to consider at retirement, 65 Not Out gets right to the important areas of your life, you will discover what it really takes to plan a retirement you choose, and deserve.

Based on sound research and experience, and drawing on experts who share their tips for retirement you will receive a 52 Page Book that explores all aspects of retirement. The accompanying 32 page Companion Workbook takes you step by step through exercises that have you look openly at your life and what it is you desire for the future. 

Delivered digitally our interactive companion workbook is designed for you to easily complete on your computer, or print at home if you prefer.

Companion Workbook

Designed to take you through each of the 9 steps in a clear and concise manner, the 65 Not Out Companion Workbook is your guide to reinventing your retirement and includes:

  • Step One - Transition to Retirement
  • Step Two - Planning for Retirement
  • Step Three - Health & Wellbeing, 100 Club Challenge template
  • Step Four - Business and Farm Succession & Exit
  • Step Five - Money & Finances, listing your assets template
  • Step Six - Attitude & Motivation
  • Step Seven - Utilising Technology
  • Step Eight - Planning your Estate
  • Step Nine - Travel

Each step contains questions and exercises, along with space to answer and complete your reflections.


  • Filling the void after work
  • Retirement housing
  • Words from a funeral director
  • Keeping active
  • What motivates you to go to the gym at your age
  • How to avoid loneliness after losing a spouse
  • What is succession planning and why it is so important
  • Investing in shares
  • Additional capital requirements
  • The right attitude
  • Wills, Powers of Attorney, Memorandum of Wishes
  • An important message when heading into retirement
  • Three top tips for travel.

Create a retirement you love and deserve

Get immediate access to detailed articles covering 9 key areas of retirement in our 52 page book, plus receive our 32 page companion workbook containing all the questions you need to answer, in an easy to follow step-by-step manner setting you on the road to planning your retirement.

Covered in your 9 Step Book and Companion Workbook + Videos

Transitioning to Retirement

The period of time immediately after the end of your working life is critical for establishing your future pathway. It can also be one of the most worrying times because it involves accepting a change from a once (possibly long) active life to entering a period of unknown. 

By being here with 65 Not Out, we know you are ready to take out some careful planning to get the retirement you want. 

Planning for Retirement

The earlier you plan your retirement the more chance you will have of achieving the outcome you desire. Many phases in life are like a game... the more and better you prepare and plan, the more and better chance the best the result is likely to be. 

This Step covers areas to consider as you begin to plan as you enter the retirement phase of your life.

Health & Wellbeing

Keeping your body and mind active is vitally important to the achievement of putting yourself in a happy and positive frame of mind. The importance of this Step is so vital that it can determine whether you enjoy longevity, or not.

Monthly 100 Club Challenge
Designed to give you motivation to enjoy your retirement, each activity you do adds points to your monthly goal.

Business & Farm Succession/Exit

For business and farming families this subject is very often the ‘elephant in the room’. With about 80 percent of the approximate 700,000,000 world’s businesses family related, family business succession is an important step to consider when planning your retirement. The main message here is to begin the succession/exit process early, so you have better odds for achieving the outcome you would like to see from your lifetime of hard work.

Money & Finances

As we approach retirement, the big question on the majority of peoples’ minds is; How much capital will I need to retire comfortably? Your expectations of the type of lifestyle you desire will be a major factor in the answer to this question.

You will need to budget, and you will need to plan, and you will need to set financial goals and you will need to consult with a trusted investment advisor about your financial future. 

Attitude & Motivation

Retirement should be the best time of your life, but it’s not for everyone. Your attitude plays a huge part in the way you live from day-to day, and what you get out of each day by the end of it. If you take a positive attitude/outlook to life and wake up every morning with a purpose for the day ahead you won’t have any regrets by the end of it. 

Explore where your attitude sits, what impacts it, and how you can go out and 'get retirement'.

Utilising Technology

Embracing technology can be enjoyable and extremely useful in keeping you connected to your family and friends both in your own country and overseas during retirement. There may be areas you find you can upskill in as you explore what technology you need.

Planning your Estate

Expressing your wishes for your family is critically important whilst you are alive and whilst you are of sound mind. The matters of your Will, your Enduring Powers of Attorney, Your Memorandum of Wishes, and a Guide for the Living are important to attend to.


At retirement some people are ‘seasoned’ travellers whilst others are just beginning their travels. We provide you with some handy checklists, look at ways to maximise your enjoyment, and address areas to beware of as you embark on your travel.  


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