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Reinventing Retirement

Are you nearing retirement and wondering what is next?

Create a retirement you love and deserve with 65 Not Out

65 Not Out is a comprehensive book you can download and immediately get access to detailed articles covering 9 key areas of retirement.  With a Companion Workbook containing all the questions you need to answer in an easy to follow step-by-step manner, you will be setting yourself up on the road to success in planning your retirement.

65 Not Out 9 Step Book

Our 9 Step Book is packed full of all the information you need to plan your retirement. Not only covering the practical steps you need to consider at retirement, 65 Not Out gets right to the important areas of your life, you will discover what it really takes to plan a retirement you choose, and deserve.

Based on sound research and experience, and drawing on experts who share their tips for retirement you will receive a 52 Page Book that explores all aspects of retirement. The accompanying 32 page Companion Workbook takes you step by step through exercises that have you look openly at your life and what it is you desire for the future. 

Delivered digitally our interactive companion workbook is designed for you to easily complete on your computer, or print at home if you prefer.

Companion Workbook

Designed to take you through each of the 9 steps in a clear and concise manner, the 65 Not Out Companion Workbook is your guide to reinventing your retirement and includes:

  • Step One - Transition to Retirement
  • Step Two - Planning for Retirement
  • Step Three - Health & Wellbeing, 100 Club Challenge template
  • Step Four - Business and Farm Succession & Exit
  • Step Five - Money & Finances, listing your assets template
  • Step Six - Attitude & Motivation
  • Step Seven - Utilising Technology
  • Step Eight - Planning your Estate
  • Step Nine - Travel

Each step contains questions and exercises, along with space to answer and complete your reflections.


  • Filling the void after work
  • Retirement housing
  • Words from a funeral director
  • Keeping active
  • What motivates you to go to the gym at your age
  • How to avoid loneliness after losing a spouse
  • What is succession planning and why it is so important
  • Investing in shares
  • Additional capital requirements
  • The right attitude
  • Wills, Powers of Attorney, Memorandum of Wishes
  • An important message when heading into retirement
  • Three top tips for travel.

Meet Barry and James

We have a vision, to assist you with one of life’s big changes - the transition from an active largely routine working life, to the choices that lie ahead after work in your retirement.

65 Not Out is designed to inspire and motivate people throughout the world, as they leave a largely active working life and move into retirement. Backed by thorough research and experience, 65 Not Out will take you enjoyably into and through your retirement.

- Barry and James Rosenberg

A detailed and thorough journey for planning your retirement

"Thanks James and Barry, 65 Not Out is a very thorough, detailed and informative book. So much thought and work has gone into this. I particularly like the section where you speak about Change - A Life Certainty."
- Joe Harawira


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