In all phases of ones life, attitude and health are the two key factors that give us the best chance of achieving emotional and financial happiness and security. If we are able to achieve emotional and financial happiness and security in our retirement years, then our overal...
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Here are some key facts about your New Zealand KiwiSaver fund when you turn 65 years of age: You can access the balance of your KiwiSaver if you have been in the Scheme for five years. This means if you began your KiwiSaver at 64 years of age, then you will have to wait...
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As our population ages, there appears to be a growing concern from couples who both work, as to how they are going to manage the care and wellbeing of their ageing parents. Every family situation is different because the degree of dependency of every parent will be different...
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Facing Life After Redundancy

February 25, 2021
An unexpected redundancy is an adverse event in your life that could potentially threaten your financial and emotional wellbeing either short term or long term. Globally Covid has been responsible for a very large number of redundancies. It has become a topic of much interes...
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- Barry RosenbergThere are many things to consider when you reach retirement age. None are more important than your mental and physical health. There are the obvious things such as exercise and diet, and regular health check-ups with your doctor. We sometimes forget about th...
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- By James RosenbergFrom my experience of running a lifestyle village, I have noticed that those people who are ‘out there’ doing things and ticking things off their ‘bucket list’ they have wanted to for some years seem much happier and healthier than the ones that s...
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