Musings, Observations, Thoughts, and Reflections of a Lifestyle Village Manager

- By James Rosenberg

From my experience of running a lifestyle village, I have noticed that those people who are ‘out there’ doing things and ticking things off their ‘bucket list’ they have wanted to for some years seem much happier and healthier than the ones that simply mope around inside their villas. A lot of the reason for this is attitude. I know some people have had a very physically demanding working life, such as farmers and builders for example. They struggle with activity, but a lot of people who are physically capable do not do anything. They deteriorate very quickly. So why not get out there and get active to give yourselves a better chance of living longer?

I’ve noticed a few things about peoples’ health whilst in my role as Manager.

  1. A few people have been relatively fit and healthy one week, then become very unwell quickly, then pass away soon after. The lesson here is when you approach and are in the twilight years of your life, things can change very quickly, which is why you absolutely need to live each day to the full, eat well and stay as active as you possibly can.
  2. I always tell people about a man who is widowed and 93 years of age living in our lifestyle village. He has a great attitude and is out in his garden and doing things around his villa every day. He has such a positive outlook on life. Whilst his hearing is getting weak, he puts his life’s longevity down to keeping busy and not letting the small things in life drag him down. He doesn’t ‘sweat the small stuff’. I’ll always remember the first thing he said to me when he bought his villa. “I’m going to have the best looking place in the whole village”……….and he has. I remember thinking to myself, what a great attitude to have at 90+ years of age. He sees age as just a number and being positive and active has got him to the age he is.
  3. A lot of people are not as lucky as some others. For example, they lose their spouse. This can create loneliness. Loneliness is a big challenge for people in retirement all over the world regardless of whether they lose a spouse or not. After a busy active working life, many expect people to visit them at home. But they don’t. That’s the reality. Life goes on. Life is busy, and people tend to get caught up in their own things. They forget about others, even family members. It happens all the time. Don’t wait for people or things to come to you. Go out and get them for yourselves. Connect with family and friends. Join a social Club, play bowls, golf, cards, pool. There are all sorts of activities you can take part in.

Retirement like a lot of things is changing. Rather than stop everything after your working life, find something you are interested in/passionate about and enjoy it. If you can make a dollar or two along the way, then that’s a bonus.

Go out there and get your retirement, don’t wait for it to come to you because it may never!


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